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Glazed Roast Ham Corner
Glazed Roast Ham Corner

Glazed Roast Ham Corner

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For over a century and a half our dedication to crafting exceptional ham has been at the core of our identity as specialist butchers. This dedication is evident in our roast ham joint, weighing a generous 1.5kg. Sourced from carefully selected pork legs, this easy-to-carve mustard-glazed roast ham joint has been deboned and trimmed to the highest standards.

We start with Yorkshire-cured gammons, which are then slow-cooked and roasted to perfection before being carefully glazed with mustard. We don't mask the natural flavours with added seasonings; instead, we let the quality of the free-range pork, the traditional cure, and our time-honoured cooking methods speak for themselves. Whether it's for sandwiches, a tasty snack, or a versatile ingredient in your favourite recipes, it's a delicious and convenient choice.

Glazed Roast Ham Corner Serving Suggestions: 
Serve with roasted vegetables for a balanced meal or thinly slice the joint and layer it between slices of toasted artisanal bread with sharp cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, and tangy honey mustard.

While we take precautions, there is always a possibility that different food products will come into contact. We have allergen information available for all of our foods, however we cannot guarantee any of our recipes or drinks are allergen free.

Mustard, Sulphites