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Plain Streaky Bacon
Plain Streaky Bacon

Plain Streaky Bacon

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Streaky bacon is distinctively different from other cuts because of its ‘streaky’ layers of fat. Because of its high fat-to-meat ratio, it’s juicy and flavoursome. 

Derived from carefully selected cuts of pork belly, our Plain Streaky Bacon delivers the perfect fusion of meat and streaks of fat.

Our traditional dry curing process, using just salt and a gentle blend of seasonings, enhances the pork's natural flavours. The outcome is streaky bacon that crisps up to perfection, providing a delightful medley of textures.

Ideal for sealing in moisture and adding flavour to a roast or large cut of meat. Also, a good choice if you like your bacon super crispy.

While we take precautions, there is always a possibility that different food products will come into contact. We have allergen information available for all of our foods, however we cannot guarantee any of our recipes or drinks are allergen free.